Ariki Rice (born January 10, 1982 as Ariki Omitola Rice) is a Kidsongs Kid in the early 1990s. Her appearance is that she has brown skin, black hair and hazel eyes. She replaced Myisha Jackson, who left in 1990.

She first appeared in Kidsongs: Very Silly Songs (wearing a purple dress and a white sports tee under it; credited as Ariki Rice).

She left Kidsongs in 1992 and joins in with Jennifer Love Hewitt and another Kidsongs kid, Katinka Chun in the Dance Workout with Barbie video (wearing a green headband and skirt and a purple tee and leggings; credited Arike Rice until present), and later after that time, she then was replaced by Lauren Jackson, Myisha and Bermina's sister.